Conditions Treated

These include the following:


Spine and other back and head and neck conditions:

Spinal steneosis
Herniated disc
Neck stiffness
Occipital neuralgia
Lumbar radiculopathy
Post laminectomy syndrome
Lower back discomfort
Coccydynia or tail bone pain 
Osteoarthritis of the spine
Sacro-iliac joint discomfort
Piriformis syndrome
Trigeminal Neuralgia
TMJ disfunction

Hip conditions:

Hip Osteoarthritis
Trochanteric bursitis
Tendon injuries
Labral tears
Hamstring tendinitis
Psoas bursitis
Ischial bursitis
Aseptic necrosis femoral head

Knee conditions:

Crusiate ligament tear
Meniscus degeneration and tears
Medial and Lateral collateral ligament injury
Patellar tendon injury
Pes Anserine bursitis/tendinitis
Post knee replacement pain

Lower leg and foot conditions:

Peroneal tendinitis
Plantar fasciitis
Ankle sprains
Achilles tendinitis and partial tear
Morton’s neuroma
Heel pain
Heel spur
Bunion pain

Shoulder and arm, wrist and hand conditions

Rotator cuff tears
Shoulder bursitis
Biceps bursitis/tendinitis
Shoulder impingement
Shoulder osteoarthritis
AC joint pain
Golfers elbow and Tennis elbow (Picture you are using)
Elbow osteoarthritis
Olecranon bursitis
Wrist arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
De Quesrvain’s tenosynovitis
Trigger finger and trigger thumb
Ganglion cyst

Other conditions

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve compression
Shingle or herpes zoster
Diabetic neuropathy
Inguinal neuralgia
Post herpetic neuralgia
Post thoracotomy pain
Intercostal Neuralgia

Here is a common question. Are PRP injections and Stem Cell therapy safe?


Research and clinical data show that PRP injections and stem cells are extremely safe, with minimal risk for any adverse reaction or complication. Because the injectable products are obtained from your own blood and tissues there is no concern for rejection or disease transmission. There is a small risk of infection from any injection into the body, but this is rare. Recent research has suggested that PRP may have an anti-bacterial property, which protects against possible infection.