Pricing and Payment


Our policies, fees and insurance questions answered here.


Why do it? Investing in your health is just that – “an investment”. Unlike other investment such as material or financial investment, health investments should provide you with gain energy, strength, and stability, among many other benefits. What good are material things without the one true gift of good health and feeling good about yourself ? At Dieguez Wellness And Aesthetics, we strive to achieve that ultimate goal for you- that goal of being healthy and active without pain and feeling good about yourself. Only you can decide what is fair and “worth the investment” when it comes to out of pocket cost for your healthcare. We will strive to instill the feeling of “that was worth it” when you come to our office to see Dr. Dieguez for your care.
All prices are explained up front and neither treatment nor lab work are done without the patient’s prior approval.


We respectfully request that patients pay in full at the time of service. Our office accepts all major credit cards, personal checks or cash (or any combination of the above). If we are participating providers with your insurance company and the service we provided to you is a covered service, we will bill your insurance company and you will only be responsible for any copay, co-insurance or deductible you may have.



We realize that with the introduction of the “Affordable Care Act”, some patients out there are still finding it difficult to afford health insurance coverage. Others are now facing much higher deductibles and co-pays. Still other have insurance policies that makes it very difficult or impossible for them to have access to specialist care and can only see a specialist if they are referred by their primary care physician. DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? NOT A CHANCE. Do you know why? Because these primary care physicians are incentivized by your insurance company not to make those referrals, because it increases the insurance company’s cost to provide your care. So you find yourself with a condition that necessitates specialist care and you are not getting it.
Wanting to avoid turning down those patients in our office just because they do not have insurance or have high deductibles and co-pays, or have insurances that restrict specialist care, we have decided to offer those patients the care that we provide at affordable flat rates.


Additionally those patients that have health insurance policies with insurance companies of which we are not participating providers can also benefit from these flat rates if they so wish and get immediate access to specialist care without a referral from your primary care doctor. Examples that come to mind of insurance companies that we are not participating provider in are Humana, GHI, Aetna, Signa and others.
Call our office at (904) 827-1455 to get additional information.


It is important that you are aware that we will not be providing controlled substance prescriptions of any kind. If this is what you are looking for, you need to go elsewhere.


Fee Guidelines. The following list has been provided as a guide for determining expected cost for the various services we provide. The actual price may be more or less depending on the exact areas being treated and what treatment you received. For example two areas may need to be treated. At your New Patient Consultation Visit all the alternatives and costs will be explained to you and you will be able to ask and get answers to your questions.

New Patient Consultation Visit - $ 195

Follow up Visits and Consultations for New Problems - $140

Post Procedure check up (Payment at time of procedure) - $55

Cost of Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Treatments


Lower Back - $585

Mid Back - $585


Neck - $585

Knee, Shoulder or Hip (each) - $425

TMJ (each) - $250

Knee (each) - $425

Wrist, ankle and elbow  (each) - $380

Heel (each) - $300

Foot and Hand (each) - $345

Toe(s) or Finger(s) (depends on quantity treated) - $245 for one. $50 each additional

Tailbone (each) - $300

Pure PRP (added to the cost of Prolo if combined) - $750

Stem Cell Therapy with Liposuction and fat transfer and BMC - $5775


Fluoroscopy/ultrasound guidance - $125



Cost of Other Services

Precision Guided Injection
Vary in Price

Minor - $85
Intermediate - $135
Major - $185

Electrotherapy - $70/Session

Initial Consult with Meridian Mapping - $130

Additional Treatments - $85/Session

(Different acupuncture packages available)



(Pricing for treatments, medications or consultations are subject to change at any time)