Services Provided

Dr. Dieguez as the innovator that he is, and using his background and expertise in anesthesia, interventional pain management and surgery, has brought to St. Augustine the most advanced and up to date techniques for the treatment of painful musculoskeletal orthopedic conditions, spine conditions and sport injuries using when indicated the most natural ingredients and minimally invasive techniques.


Having worked for the Florida Department of Health as an expert witness for the prosecution services unit, reviewing pill mills type of operations, and being very aware of the addiction problem we have in our country, Dr. Dieguez avoids at all cost the use of powerful narcotics and other controlled addictive medications. With that been said, if what you are looking for are narcotics don’t expect to get them in this office.


At his office Dr. Dieguez uses mainly Regenerative Medicine/Interventional Orthopedics. This includes Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy with Liposuction, Fat transfer/graft and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC). All the injection procedures Dr. Dieguez performs are precision guided either using Fluoroscopy or Ultrasound using the most aseptic techniques in our clean procedure room to avoid infections.


Additionally for those interested he also offers Medical Acupuncture also called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), some modalities of Physical therapy, and Orthotics specially for the back, knees, wrist and ankles, massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist and diagnostic testing.

Here is a list of what we offer:

1.-Regenerative Medicine including:

               a) Autologus Stem Cell Therapy

               b) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

               c) Prolotherapy


2. Conventional Interventional Pain Management techniques


3) Diagnostic Testing


4) Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine


5) Bracing and Orthotics


6) Massage Therapy by our License Massage Therapist.